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Bookings and Enquiries


Welcome to PJ DJbar!

What do you want from a Bar?

An atmosphere that: 
  • isn't dominated by noise from adjoining bars ?
  • is sufficiently open for you to stroll in and out?
  • is a place you can bring your girl/wife and not feel embarrassed or harassed?
  • is somewhere there are 20-30 pretty girls to meet if you feel like it?
  • welcomes you and treats you like a local on your second visit?
  • doesn't hassle you with flower-sellers, chewing gum girls, photographers or dodgy watch sellers.
We have around 20-30 girls who come to the bar  - they would love to meet you and possibly help you enjoy your holiday in our cheap budget air conditioned accommodation
Our girls have fun in the bar - that's what helps to make us unique as a Party bar
Sometimes they get a bit carried away - but always the emphasis is on having a party Music that matches your taste?
  • 7-11 rock, reggae and pop classics from Europe and America
  • 11-1am House, R&B and contemporary dance
  • 1-2am Trance and Chill down
  • 2am quiet but eclectic
  • Like something specific or want to let others listen to the latest from your country?  Tell our DJ and he will play it for you!

Things to do other than just getting drunk and ogling the girls!
  • Watch the World's top sporting events (Football, Baseball, Formula 1) live on our 50" TV
  • Play Pool or any of the traditional Bar Games
  • Dance to the music
  • Just chat.  We use separate amplifiers to ensure that you can talk together.  It sounds loud from outside but that's so you know we are there!
  • .......you are also welcome to get drunk and ogle the girls!
DJ music, playing the latest dance music from Europe contributes to the party
We welcome everyone who wants to join the party even if they don't stay in our budget air conditioned guesthouse accommodation
Oh yes, it would be nice to have rooms available on a short-time basis wouldn't it?

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